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Circuits Research Laboratory 

Location: DE506

Staff-in-charge: Prof. Michael Tse

Brief description: The Circuits Research Laboratory is our group's founding research laboratory. It is a small but very well equipped laboratory where the main research activities of this group are carried out, including nonlinear systems, power electronics, bifurcation study, control design, etc.

Equipment: Spectral analyzers, high power current loads, programmable and dc power supplies, DSOs, dc current probes, various mechanical tools, etc. It is also the home of some of our research students and staffs.

Renewable Energy Systems Laboratory

Location: EF501G

Brief description: This newly established laboratory houses a range of electronic instruments for study of lighting systems and fuel cell systems.

Electronics and Communications Research Laboratory

Location: EF502

Staff-in-charge: Prof. Francis Lau

Brief description: This is the largest research laboratory of the department. Activities are mainly focused on power electronics and communications. The lab houses most prototyping and test equipment for power electronics research in the low to medium power range, incl. BH characterizer, PCB tools, network analyzer, impedance analyzer, high power current loads, programmable and dc power supplies, DSOs, current probes, burn-in tester, etc. It also has the state-of-the-art equipment for communication systems research, including spectral analyzer, antenna sets, UWB test set, etc.

The Flying Drones FYP Project 

Supervisors: Dr Ben Cheng and Prof. Michael Tse

Brief description: This is a group project using a community collaborative approach. Students design, build, test, develop applications for flying drones, all by themselves with the group forming a learning community, with design plan meetings, Whatsapp exchanges, face-to-face discussions and mutual cooperation. 

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